Real-time insight into the entire food chain

Chainn guarantees a transparent supply chain. 100%.

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Grower or customer?

With Chainn, you are in control. You simply compose your package, from quality control to logistics and from marketing to packaging. Together, we create an ideal chain collaboration that is entirely transparent. You do not have to worry about a thing and you are also assured of high-quality and fresh products throughout the year.


Our services

Chainn aims to seamlessly link up supply and demand within the food chain. It means that as a customer, you will work with the source directly and as a grower, you know exactly where your products will end up and for what price. Our online sourcing platform makes the entire chain transparent. We ensure customers and growers are matched based on wishes and quality requirements.



We aim to find the most efficient route for quality products, from source to customer.


Quality and food safety

Quality control and safeguarding the safety of fresh food take priority.



Together with our marketing partner, we can take care of all your marketing.


Sorting and packing

We can also take care of the sorting and packing processes for you. We do this together with specialist partners.


We are Chainn.

We create a fully transparent customised supply chain, from grower to customer and everything in between. Fair trade is our mission, which is why our approach guarantees a 100% transparent supply chain. Our online sourcing platform is an important tool in that respect, offering you real-time insight into the entire chain. This way, you are never confronted with surprises and you know exactly what every Euro is spent on.

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100% transparency in the chain

That is our priority and it is reflected in everything Chainn does. All chain partners know exactly who gains what and how. That means they also know what we gain from it! You can only achieve an efficient food chain with complete transparency.

That is why we make clear agreements and we are honest with all parties. Of course, we expect the same of you, our partner. Together, we create fair trade for everyone!

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