Chainn aims to seamlessly link up supply and demand within the food chain. It means that as a customer, you will work with the source directly and as a grower, you know exactly where your products will end up and for what price. Our online sourcing platform makes the entire chain transparent. We ensure customers and growers are matched based on wishes and quality requirements. Our focus lies on citrus fruit, vegetable-like fruits, melons and herbs, which is why we often work together with growers from South Africa, Morocco, Spain and Egypt.



Logistics is an indispensable link in the chain. We aim to find the most efficient route for quality products, from source to customer. You decide what you want to outsource to us.

Chainn has an extensive network of logistics partners who can transport fruit, vegetables and citrus fruit from all over the world, fresh and chilled. This enables us to make fast, complete and sustainable deliveries. All logistical activities can be seen on our online sourcing platform. This way, you know exactly where in the chain your products are located.


Quality and food safety

Quality control and safeguarding the safety of fresh food take priority. To achieve this, we work alongside our partner, Good Acre. All of their checks, carried out by Good Acre’s quality inspectors, can be viewed in our online Quality Control system.

You can view all checks via our app, 24/7. This gives you the assurance that the quality of your products is safeguarded and that they arrive at their destination in line with your wishes.



Looking for creative packaging for your products? Aiming to market a new product? Chainn is happy to assist!

Together with our marketing partner, we can take care of all your marketing. From branding to research and from concepts to innovations and packaging.


Sorting and packing

We can also take care of the sorting and packing processes for you. We do this together with specialist partners.

This way, we have all the knowledge we need for sorting, packing and re-packing fruit and vegetable products, processes that are subject to strict requirements. The packing unit, for instance, complies with the IFS, BRC, Planet Proof, QS and SKAL certificates.

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