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If you say courgette, you say Berdea

By Pieter de Jong - Area Manager Spanje

Nowadays, it is impossible to exclude courgette from our daily diet. Whereas courgettes used to be popular in wok dishes, today this green fruit vegetable can be found in many dishes in Michelin-starred restaurants.

The story of Chainn and the courgette goes back more than 25 years. Back then I came into contact with courgette grower Jose Luis Escobar from Almeria, Spain. Today, Jose Luis operates under the name Berdea and this cultivation company belongs to the absolute top. What makes this company so unique is that harvesting, sorting and packaging are all done by hand. In this way, Berdea brings the quality and the shelf life to a much higher level and no damage is ever caused to the peel.

Courgette = King
The cultivation of courgettes is truly a specialism. The growers of Berdea have to comply with all sorts of requirements. Did you know, for example, that courgette growers are considered to be the most serious and diligent growers on earth? That's because they have to go into the greenhouse at least once a day to harvest a courgette that meets the ideal specifications. If they don't, they will have a courgette the next day that is not 100% perfect. So the bar is high, but at Berdea they don't shy away from it. They rightly deliver courgettes under the name 'King Courgette'.

So working with Berdea means working with the most innovative and progressive growers. And that makes it possible for the company to deliver courgettes with the highest quality standard to retailers, food processors and foodservice companies, 10 months a year.

Proud partner
Chainn is a proud partner of Berdea. Thanks to our knowledge of the sector on the buyer's side and retail, we are the perfect extension for Berdea. We facilitate the purchase and sales process in a completely transparent and efficient manner and we serve as the first point of contact for all customers. We translate the wishes and requirements of the customer and use this as the starting point for a good collaboration between Berdea and the end customers.

Through this transparency between grower and buyer, a sincere relationship of trust is created and this ensures a win-win situation for everyone.

Together with Berdea, we are constantly looking for new opportunities and solutions in the field of sustainability, quality and commerce. Think for example of researching new varieties, other cultivation areas, new sustainable packaging options and new sales markets. Consumption of courgettes is still growing every day, so together with our partner Berdea we are confident that the future of courgettes will be bright.

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Pieter de Jong - Spanish Products Specialist

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