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Who are we

We make an efficient supply chain the new standard.

the quality of passion

At Chainn, we love our job. We get excited by everything that happens in the market. For years we have been keeping a close eye on the developments and we respond to them with full conviction. The focus that this drive and intrinsic motivation brings along, ensures in-depth knowledge and high standards. But the passion we have is not limited to our field, it also focuses on our customers. For them, we devote our knowledge and specialism every day. Whether they are producers or customers. Because by working together openly and acting transparently, we can connect both parties appropriately and efficiently. In this way, we not only create good relationships but also win-win situations for everyone.

Our story

The combination between knowledge and smart technology.

Chainn was established from a lack of understanding of old-fashioned trading processes. The four founders of Chainn felt there was too much noise in the food chain, which made it anything but transparent. Founders Pieter, Evert Jan, Leo and Kees believed that this had to change. They decided to combine their knowledge and know-how with smart technology and created a 100% transparent system. Everyone connected to the Chainn platform has insight into the processes. And that makes trading all the more fun and fair.

Every year we donate a part of our profits to a charity that we choose with the team. That feels good!

Melanie Bek - Finance & Control

Chainn, the quality of passion
Chainn, the quality of passion
Chainn, the quality of passion

Responsibility (CSR)

Acting responsibly towards people, environment and society.

At Chainn we think it's important to deal with people, the environment and society in a responsible and sustainable way. This is reflected in many things we do. From separating our waste to compensating our air travel. We make agreements with our growers about how they should deal with people and the environment. Only if we can do responsibly do business, we will work together. That is what we call stewardship.

Responsible trading

Honest partnerships

Sustainable business

Our Certifications

Our certifications guarantee the safety and quality of your products. Global G.A.P. Chain of Custody guarantees that the products grown and packaged according to the Global G.A.P. standards will maintain this standard from farmer to retailer. The organisation also provides insight into the food chain. In addition, Skal guarantees that our BIO products are actually grown organically. Finally, IFS guarantees that our working methods and processes comply with legal standards.

Our team

Our people are all unique, but have one thing in common: the passion to strive for the best quality.

  • We are ready to take on all your new orders! Reach out to us using the contact details below!

    +31 88 222 1030


    For all your info about new orders

  • We are here to help you with all the info about your pending orders!

    +31 88 222 1040


    Info about pending orders

  • Here to tackle all your logistical problems. If you have questions regarding the transport of your order or any other logistical question, reach out to us using contact details below!

    +31 88 222 1050


    Info about logistics and transport

  • No financial issue is too complicated for our team! We are here to answer all your questions about payments, invoices and all other financial related questions. Feel free to reach out!

    +31 88 222 1020


    For questions about invoices etc.

  • I help the team with the big picture and achieving personal and business goals. I make sure the team has the confidence to make the best choices for our clients.

    +31 88 222 1009

    Michiel Bontenbal

    Managing Director

  • I find it amazing to share my knowledge with our customers every day and that I am constantly expanding my knowledge myself. If you're looking for vegetables from Spain, Iā€™m your guy!

    +31 88 222 1003

    Pieter de Jong

    Area Manager Spain

  • With great passion, I advise customers on everything around citrus fruit. It is my goal to connect growers and customers in a sustainable way.

    +31 88 222 1001

    Leo van den Heuvel

    Area Manager Morocco

  • I am always on the hunt for the tastiest mandarins or the most beautiful oranges. Together with our team, we take care of the sales for citrus growers from all over the world.

    +31 88 222 1007

    Evertjan van Vliet

    Product Manager Citrus

  • With great passion, I advise customers on everything around citrus fruit. It is my goal to connect growers and customers in a sustainable way.

    +31 88 222 1005

    Kees van den Heuvel


  • I focus on Spanish production and ensure that the entire process - from harvest to consumer - is as efficient as possible. I use my passion and drive every day to serve our customers.

    +31 88 222 1013

    William Karels

    Product Manager Melons and Field Products

  • Any problems? Not with me! I take care of our customers and make sure everything runs smoothly. I attach great value to the relationship with our customers and that's something I devote myself to.

    +31 88 222 1018

    Theo Duifhuizen


  • I am the linking pin within Chainn. I guarantee transparency from Chainn and make sure customers have trust in us. In this way, we ensure a unique and efficient food chain together.

    +31 88 222 1022

    Daaf van Doorn


  • I am co-responsible for the import of citrus from all over the world. Together with our growers, we strive to deliver the best citrus to our customers.

    +31 88 222 1019

    Belinda Mendes Fernandes

    Support Employee

  • +31 88 222 1011

    Darren de Smidt

    Purchaser Citrus Fruit

  • I have an eye for detail, I think it is important that all our marketing material always looks perfect. For example, I help our partners develop packaging that stands out to consumers!

    +31 88 222 1021

    Daan Kesselaar

    Marketing Employee

  • Sales? You've come to the right place! In addition to my studies, I strive to help customers as accurately as possible. In addition, I am increasing my knowledge about the fresh produce every day.

    +31 88 222 1010

    Leonard Bosman

    Junior Commercial Employee

  • Together with my team, I ensure perfect handling of contracts and orders. I'm always up for a nice chat, but roll up my sleeves when there's work to be done!

    +31 88 222 1026

    Maria Margraf

    Support Employee

  • +31 88 222 1027

    Job Huijser

    Junior Commercial Employee

  • I don't shy away from any logistical challenge! I make sure that the logistics process runs flawlessly so that our customers and buyers can do their thing completely carefree.

    +31 88 222 1015

    Peter Kraaijeveld

    Manager Logistics

  • I am the link between the customer, transporter and grower and ensure that our beautiful products are delivered most efficiently and thus are available on the shelves as fresh as possible.

    +31 88 222 1022

    Lennart van Leenen

    Logistics & Quality Assurance

  • I help optimize our processes and provide colleagues with the right management information. This is how we provide an even better service every day!

    Carina Arabkhani Bogers

    Senior Business Controller

  • +31 88 222 1024

    Jurgita Irtmonaite

    Financial Controller

  • I am always working on the latest technological developments. In this way I ensure that our system is improved every time, so that we can deliver a slightly better service every time!

    John Huigen

    Application Developer

  • Mohamed Laroussi Tahiri

    Business Consultant Morocco

Will you be part of the food supply chain revolution?

Daan Kesselaar - Marketing Employee

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